Friday, December 17, 2010

Girlfriends, catnip, and garage doors

Last night Jane and I went down to Anderson and met Isaac's new lady friend. We met them at Ruby Tuesday's and had a nice supper and good chat. I'm sure we're pretty boring to most folks, but at least we probably didn't overwhelm her. My first impression is that she's a keeper, but it's probably not for me to say. We really liked her though.

We got home about 9:30 and finally located the hiding kitty. Once she comes out she is really playful and friendly; it's just getting her to come out. It's almost like the movie Groundhog Day... every day starts over and she has to learn again that we are pals. Anyway, we got her a cardboard catnip scratcher to use to sharpen her claws on (instead of the furniture). I doubted that it would work, but I went ahead and got it out. You're supposed to put catnip down in the slots, and do it in front of the cat so they see you putting the catnip in there. I thought, "whatever," but geezaroo... as soon as I did it she went right to town scratching on the thing. Then she kind of went a little berserk and was rubbing all over it, and biting it, and rolling around on the floor. I might have used a little too much catnip, because apparently she had a pretty good buzz going. So... she played quite a bit the rest of the night. She even ate some more food and drank some water. I stayed up late and she stayed up and hung out on the couch with me. So far today she's back to hiding though. I think she's under our bed. I'm trying to give her some space.

Our garage door broke yesterday, and I just now fixed it. All by myself, even. The left pulley that hooks onto the frame had broken, so the door wouldn't go up or down with the automatic opener. I drove to 4 hardware stores and couldn't find the correct replacement for it, so I just got a regular pulley at the last store. I had to kind of hammer it into place, and it's not the same size as the other one, but it appears to be working ok. I am not good with stuff like that because I know just enough to screw things up. But... what's a person to do.

I really need to get on the treadmill again. I haven't done much for several weeks - just a couple miles here and there. I am feeling really out of shape, and it's starting to effect me psychologically as much as physically too. I should probably go do a couple miles now, but to be honest, I don't really feel like it. Maybe I will take a short catnap first...

Peace out; and in.

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