Saturday, December 04, 2010

Why should the rich get a tax break?

Okay, I admit it, I do not understand politics. Or maybe I do and I wish I didn't. At the present time we have republicans and democrats fighting over whether we should extend unemployment insurance to those who have no income, and at the same time extend a big fat tax break to the wealthiest people in the country. The way I see it, the simple breakdown is that the democrats want to extend unemployment insurance but do away with the tax break for the wealthy (while keeping it for the middle class), and the republicans want to end the unemployment extension but continue the tax break for the wealthy. While at the same time the republicans complain that the democrats are spending us all into more and more debt.

Now, extending the unemployment insurance is not going to make the country any money, but how do you justify just cutting people off when the national jobless rate is hovering around 10%? But what completely boggles my mind is why in the world we would NOT let the tax break expire for the wealthy! I mean, I think we do need to extend the tax cut for the middle class, but why do millionaires and billionaires need a tax cut? I could see it if the wealthy were actually using their money to try to remedy the financial mess this country (and world) is in. The problem, though, is that the rich are only getting richer! So to extend the tax break just means they're going to keep making more money for themselves. All the while the poor get poorer, and the shrinking middle class keeps dissolving further and further into the lower class.

What I find interesting in all this is that polls show a majority of Americans favor doing away with the tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 per year. Yet I heard House Speaker-designate John Boehner (and other republicans) saying that Americans agreed with the tax break by voting republicans into office this past November. Um... I think someone should tell Mr. Boehner that the point of being a politician is not to win the election; the point is to actually serve the interest of the people you're elected to represent!!! Personally, I don't think anyone of them, or anyone making six figures, has any kind of a clue about real life anyway; and I cannot stand the partisan politics in this country either; and for the record, I just don't much care for that Boehner guy. He looks like a cross between Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy, but a whole lot less trustworthy! I wouldn't buy a used car from him, let him hold my child, or turn my back on him if it killed me.

Here's an idea for you politicians - republicans and democrats alike - how about if you try to actually solve some problems, instead of just trying to get the upper hand for your party? Now there's an idea. Ugh.

Sorry to muddy up my blog with this sorta talk.

Peace out; and in.


Jim said...

Well, let me see if I can explain it to you.

See, the GOP has somehow convinced a bunch of people who don't make $250K+ a year and who's way of life is on the line while their jobs get shipped overseas that letting those who do make that much and much, much more keep even more of their money will be good for the country because of this thing called "trickle down" theory, in which the rich pee on the rest of us, er, no, I mean where the rich take that extra money and "trickle it down" by hiring more illegal immigrant nannies and gardeners and chambermaids (and politicians and judges), who then spend it at Walmart where the rest of us will work. Basically, when they speak of returning to "the good old days," they're not talking about America in the 1950s or even 1890s, but more like feudal Europe in the 1300s.

Did that help? Is it clearer now?

dan horwedel said...

Well put, Jim. Unfortunately I guess I did understand it. Although it would appear wealth has not been "trickling down", but only going up, for quite some time. Funny how people threw such a fit over the idea of 'redistribution of wealth' recently, and have apparently been totally clueless to how it's been being redistributed from the middle class to the upper class for years. But... I guess that's just the way it is. Same as it ever was...