Friday, January 21, 2011

Random fry day

Another day... another nothin' to say. So...

I am unable to wrap my mind around the fact that within the next couple weeks I will be holding my beautiful new baby grand-daughter (and Carrie's feet can start going back to normal).

Jane and I went to Anderson on Wednesday - the day the roads were all covered with ice - to help son Isaac try to figure out his student loan payments. Argh. It just seems a little unfair that he's trying to do a good thing, but now it's with a wad of debt hanging over his head. I guess that's why they call life a bitch.

I am so sick of snow. And, yes, I'll go ahead and say it... People who LIKE snow... are just plain weird in my book.

My shoulder and right upper arm have been bothering me for... I need to look up exactly how long (it was when I last fixed the garage door). I have been trying not to use my right arm for anything, or move it at all. Good thing I can use my left one for most stuff - since I'm mostly left-handed - but it's still a little difficult because I forget not to use my right one. I'm sure it will go away one of these days. If it's still bothering me when I get back from Ohio I may have to go to the doctor.

Seems like I'm always tired anymore.

Wasn't some fool just saying that it seemed like the sun had shined/shone more this winter than usual? What an idiot.

It's supposed to be below zero tonight. I should probably fill some jugs with water in case the pipes freeze.

A guy from church loaned me his little Vox DA5 portable amp. It has 11 different sound stylings, 11 different built-in effects, weighs only 7.7 pounds, and runs on batteries! It's a little beast. I've only played my acoustic through it, but it gets some wild sound. Maybe one of these days I'll remember to take it to the house and play an electric guitar through it.

I remember once.

Jordon Cooper has a great post on the idiotic thinking that is behind the Tea Party.

Of course, this Sunday I am preaching on how we Christians need to behave better in regard to politics. Yes... I said *I* am preaching on that. I'm sure you find it hard to believe. I actually preach quite often (or maybe all the time) on things that I struggle with myself.

The cat is right now just running back and forth up and down the hallway. She has also recently started sitting on the perch and looking out the front window finally. Mostly at night when it's dark.

It's Friday, it's cold outside, I'm tired... I suppose it's time to clean the house.

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