Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blizzard 2011

I guess the blizzard has come and gone now. At least this one. Hopefully there won't be anymore.

We didn't really get all that much snow at our place (maybe 6-8"). It was hard to tell with all the wind. We were kind of on the dividing line between getting snow and sleet. We seemed to mostly get sleet. However, little did I know, that a blizzard has nothing to do with the amount of snow. It has to do with the wind. And boy was it windy. And it was out of the east/northeast yesterday and last night. I never really could even tell if it was snowing or just blowing what we already had last night. But it was coming across the prairie mighty strong. I was just glad we never lost power. I totally expected to, and even today it wouldn't surprise me. Actually, the lights flickered off and on this morning. But it appears the blizzard warning has been downgraded today to just a winter storm warning. However, the roads were still under a Level 1 Emergency condition until noon today - which means only emergency vehicles are allowed (everyone else will be towed and/or ticketed). They are now at a level 2 - which means you're only supposed to be on the roads if necessary.

I am glad that Jane didn't have to go to work today. They closed the bank (plus she couldn't have driven there anyway). I think Drew was also home from work today too. That's the bad thing about me being able to walk to my office - it never closes. However, when I got to the office I couldn't get the door open. Snow and ice were packed up around it. Fortunately I left the shovel out last night so I was able to dig my way in.

Hopefully things will continue to slow down a little. We got another inch or two of snow this morning, but the wind has died down. There was even a snow plow down the road around 1 pm. So there is one lane open. It's also supposed to start getting colder now. The predicted high for tomorrow is 12f, with lows below zero. Brrr.

Here are some pics from our driveway before we got the additional snow today. The first one is from yesterday morning (Tuesday), and the other two are from this morning (Wednesday).

Stay warm, my friends. Peace out; and in.

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