Thursday, February 10, 2011

It was early one thursday (random)

Man, I could not sleep last night. I woke up around 3:15 and tossed and turned. Finally got out of bed a little after 4. I got a drink of water; then made some hot chocolate (I never drink hot chocolate); put in a load of laundry; turned on espn. Finally I decided to read. I thought that might put me to sleep (it usually works in the middle of the afternoon). So I read chapter 6 in David Platt's book, Radical. It's the one about materialism. Wow. I don't know if it was that chapter, or what it was, but it did not put me to sleep in the least. The next thing I know my phone alarm was going off and it was 6. I was also pretty convicted about how materialistic I am; and how good this book is.

Anyway... it is supposedly -11 F today. That is a bit chilly.

Yesterday I drove Isaac's girlfriend's jeep down to Gas City and traded it to him for our Buick. The neighbor put a new water pump in it for him/her, and this was the first chance we had to exchange it. But I made the mistake of telling him to meet at the Burger King at Exit 59 on I-69. I forgot all about my Burger King boycott. And... BK did not fail to live up to it's crappy reputation. We walked in and neither of the rest rooms worked, and they had no fountain drinks. You could get bottled water or one of their little juice cups. Apparently their water was froze. But, geez, what is it with Burger King's anymore. Are they all this crappy?? Anyway, we ate and switched out the cars and I went back to the office.

I had to call the county highway department yesterday, because apparently the snow plows have now torn 2 screens and they broke out a window. I first noticed a screen torn last Friday. There was a hole, and a big chunk of snow/ice between the screen and the window in the copy room. When the cleaning lady came yesterday she notified me that the storm window in the back bathroom was broken out. I think I know exactly when that happened. Tuesday around 2-3 pm I remembered a snow plow going by and throwing snow clear into the middle of the parking lot. The truck was just flying down the road. I remember thinking to myself that I should probably go check the sign and the windows and make sure it didn't break any. But I forgot. So, you could still see where the snow was in the parking lot, so I took a tape measure out and measured that it was 55 feet into the parking lot from the edge of the road. That's a little excessive, I think. I just don't think some of those snow plow drivers realize the damage they do. However, I also realize our church building is a little close to the road. But... it's not like we can move it. So... I hesitantly called the highway department. Because I didn't want to make them mad, or then I'm afraid they'll do an even worse job of plowing our road. So I tried to be nice. I talked to the lady at the south garage. I started telling her what happened, and she stopped me mid-sentence and told me I would need to call the "risk management" person (or something). So I called there and just got her voice mail. However, when I got back from Gas City I had a message, and she had apparently called me back not too long after I left. Apparently she is an attorney. Anyway, she said she would notify the supervisor, and some other stuff, and to call her back. So I was satisfied with that. Again, I didn't want to complain; and I do think the drivers just aren't aware sometimes of the damage they can do. I just wanted them to know it had happened and hope they could maybe slow down a little bit when they go by the church.

Last night we went to Drew Carrie's to see Annabanana. She was being kind of fussy and just wanted her mommy, so we ate pizza and petted Lady and didn't stay too long. We drove around a little on the way home and unfortunately missed most of Modern Family.

This morning I have my weekly breakfast meeting with Tom and Steve. It is Tom's turn to pick the place and we don't know where it will be. Which is how it has been lately - whoever picks usually waits until the morning of. At least it's hard to screw up breakfast.

Jane is walking on the treadmill this morning. I did a couple miles last night. I need to get back in the swing of it. My shoulder is feeling some better (not completely healed quite yet), and I need to get back in shape. I've been way too random for the last... too long.

Peace out, peeps; and in.

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