Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Random. winter wait/weight

So there's supposed to be a big winter blizzard blowing into the area today and tomorrow. I hate winter. Not that I mind a little cold weather, or even a little snow, but I hate when it gets nasty. And I get annoyed at those who seem to enjoy it. Not that I care if they enjoy it, but they don't need to make fun of those who don't. Yes, I know it would be great to be able to just close up shop and stay at home and do "family" stuff. But not everyone gets to do that. And I think it's just a little unkind to make light of others who have to deal with things like this. But... whatever.

So... last night we went and got groceries for the daughter. We went to Meijer's first and it was just a zoo. They were out of a lot of stuff. We decided to then go to Walmart, and it wasn't really too bad there. We were able to find everything we needed and headed to her house.

It was blowing like crazy out here in the open prairie when we got home. Actually, it had been blowing all day - and from the east - so the roads were a little drifted. Of course all night long they were telling how bad it was going to be Tuesday and Wednesday, you know, just to freak people out.

I made the mistake of commenting on the News 15 Facebook page. I hate how they always write a status saying that if you want to see the latest weather report to click on the link to their video. So I just made a comment that it would be nice if they could just tell us what the weather was going to be like, instead of making us watch a video. They deleted my comment and several people left nasty comments about me being so 'mean.' Geesh. I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just saying that it would be easier to just read the weather (or news) rather than having to watch a video. Whatever.

Anyway, this morning it isn't too bad out, but the snow is drifted pretty good down our road. The neighbor came and cleared out our driveway, and there was probably a 12-18 inch drift there. Jane was supposed to be at work by 7:30 am for a video conference, but she didn't make it until probably 7:45. Pam and Steve came by and Jane followed them in. Apparently Yoder Road is drifted pretty bad, but it wasn't too awful the rest of the way. Of course there hasn't been a snow plow down Yoder Road, and I don't expect one until probably Thursday or Friday. That's just another reason I hate living in the country.

So, I have some water jugs filled in case the power goes out (because we will have no water, and therefore won't be able to flush the toilets), and Jane took some clothes and stuff in case she gets stuck in town. It really doesn't even look that bad right now. It's supposed to start getting bad this afternoon. Whatever. I'm not really in a very good mood. From the weather and... just in general. I hate winter.

Peace out; and in.


Carrie Jade said...

We have extra sleeping space if mom needs it. If it looks like she'll need to stay in town you and the cat can come over too. We can watch movies and do family stuff, haha.

Pastor D said...

Identical conditions and sentiments here in rural Decatur. Snowplow hasn’t been down our road either. I’m working on our Lenten series. And praying we don’t lose power.

dan horwedel said...

Lent? Good for you, working ahead.

Hope you're all safe and warm.