Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dr. visit

I had a regularly scheduled doctor visit this morning. My blood pressure was 130/78 - which I didn't think was too bad considering. The doctor thought it was great. My weight was 169 - which also wasn't bad since I have just recently started running again (gained 1 lb since the visit 3 months ago). I would like to drop 10-15 pounds this summer though.

I also had him check my shoulder. I hurt it on Dec. 16 while fixing the garage door. I was reaching out, and felt a sort of "pull" on my right shoulder. It hurt pretty bad at first, and I couldn't use it for much. I have iced it, and rested it (that's why I stopped running), and it is feeling a little better, but it still bothers me at night (in bed) and is sore when I move it certain ways. He said it's not likely a rotator cuff 'tear', but probably just a strain. He suggested taking Aleve twice a day for a couple weeks and seeing if that doesn't make it better, and to keep exercising it.

Other than that he said everything was fine. He said we'd maybe wait 6 months for another blood test.

I did give them my new insurance card. And I only had to wait about 20 minutes - even though there was no one in there when I got there.

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