Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I got a haircut yesterday. It was the last day of the $5.99 special. Usually I don't even notice the specials, but I saw a sign the other day and then a commercial saying Monday was the last day. It's hard to beat that: 5.99 + 2.00 tip.

The girl who cut it never did tell me her name, and I couldn't see it on her mirror (because I had my glasses off). I'd seen her before though. She is the bigger girl with the lip ring and a few tattoos on her arms. It was the first time she'd cut my hair. We had a rather nice talk.

She said they are way busier when they are running the special. And she preferred it being busy than slow. She said when it's slow they just sit around and stare at each other, or else they mess with one another's hair. And you can only do that for so long.

So... I got a haircut.

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