Friday, March 18, 2011

NCAA men's basketball tourney brackets

I did get my NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament brackets filled out Wednesday. I actually filled out three of them. One is online. I also decided that this year I wanted to see how one turned out if I just flipped a coin for every game. The funny thing was... every single #1 & 2 seed went out in the first round using the coin flip method. So I did it again, but I gave all the 1's and 2's a bye in the first round. Imagine my surprise when I came up with the exact same winning team on the two coinflip brackets!!! What are the odds of that?

In the bracket I filled out online I ended up with Ohio State winning the national championship over Purdue. I don't really see that happening, but that's just kind of how it turned out. I picked the Illini to lose in the first round. The final four is: OU, Purdue, UConn, and St. Johns.

In the first coinflip bracket I filled out it ended up with Xavier winning the national championship over Georgetown. I don't really like Xavier, but wouldn't that be an interesting final? The final four is: XU, GU, Bucknell, and UNC-Ash.

In the custom-coinflip bracket it ended up with Xavier winning it over Belmont. So that isn't going to happen already. The final four is: XU, Belmont, VCU, and Tennessee.

All in all, I don't really care. Although we did keep our Dish satellite through the tournament. Then it's going bye-bye.

Peace out; and in.


Isaac Horwedel said...

Just for the sake of being really petty and immature (and really I'm just joking), I hope Xavier doesn't win. Though I always root for the Illini, I'd like to see Pitt win this year because their Center, Gary McGhee, is from Anderson, and Larry (one of the guys at the house) is actually his uncle, or is somehow related to them.


dan horwedel said...

Agreed. I was glad to see my bracket fall apart to see Xavier lose. For the same petty reasons. :) That was just kind of how my week went that they would actually end up winning both coinflip brackets.

Cool about McGhee. And I was definitely glad to see the Illini do well last night.

love ya, Bud.