Thursday, April 14, 2011


A few things we're still trying to decide on with the new house...
  • CURTAINS - We bought three different ones last night and hung them up in the living room. I'm pretty sure we will not be getting any of the three. After seeing them we have totally changed what we think about curtains. They made the room look much too formal. We are trying for simple and earthy.
  • INTERNET - We will likely choose between Comcast and Frontier (formerly Verizon). Both run specials to start you off with, but it appears Comcast is more expensive after that. Though rumor has it that Frontier is planning to raise prices soon too. I can't believe how stinking expensive internet is nowadays. I would be open to something else, but I don't really know of better options than these. I know it will be nice to have internet that works all the time, and works right.
  • BEDROOM FLOORS - We still have some cleaning to do on the bedroom floors (paint and leveling stuff). I don't know if we can clean it all off, or if we're going to have to do some sanding. If we need to sand, then I'm wondering if we should go ahead and refinish (or have them refinished). I don't have any experience with wood floors so... we're winging this.
  • TELEVISION - We are not going to have cable or satellite... just the network channels we can pick up with an antenna. However, we can't decide where to put the TV: in the upstairs living room, or in the downstairs family room. We don't have enough furniture for both (unless you count the lawn chairs presently in the basement). I kind of like the upstairs living room, because you can see out, and I like being able to see what's going on. The basement family room is nice and cozy though, and will be a good place to veg out. So... I dunno.
  • TREES - We got a notice the other day that the power company is planning to cut down the three spruce trees in the back yard - which provide the only privacy between us and our back yard neighbors. Can they do that? Apparently so (there are power lines running through there). So, I guess then we need to decide if we want to replace them with some arborvitae, or some kind of bush or other barrier. Or we could just go without anything. This will be the first time we've ever had neighbors on all four sides of us though, so... we will see.
There are probably a few other things I am overlooking, but I think that's about it at this point. Maybe someday we'll move. I'm hoping to get the trim done in the living room in the next few days. Maybe. We'll see.

Peace out, and in.


Jim said...

How handy are either of you with a sewing machine? I know someone who is really creative who makes curtains out of sheets to which she then sews the backing (whatever the fabric on the back of curtains is called). She likes doing that because there are lots and lots and lots of cool sheet patterns out there, way more than what's available for curtains.

Or just pretend you're in college and put up some flags, or some aluminum foil. :)

We get our Internet via the cable company (and we don't get TV from them). It's still expensive, though.

dan horwedel said...

Sheets seem to be the curtain of choice for many of our neighbors too.