Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Benjamin zander ted talk

This morning for our devotion at the Missional Leadership Initiative retreat #5, Reggie McNeal shared this youtube video by Benjamin Zander with us: It's about 20 minutes long, and I may share it with my church some Sunday morning (or at least the Foundations group). I thought it was fantastic. I was in tears for much of it.

It's actually about music and passion, but could so easily be about faith and passion. Some things I got out of it were:
  • "My job is to awaken possibility in other people."
  • "Success = how many shining eyes are around me."
  • "I will never say anything that couldn't stand as the last thing I will ever say" (from the Auschwitz survivor).
  • "Leaders make other people powerful."
  • Everybody needs Jesus, they just don't know it yet.
And from Reggie's closing prayer: "Thanks for the people in our lives who help us believe all over again."

Awesome good day; good retreat. Feeling very humble and well. I am not perfect, and that's perfectly ok.

Peace out; and in.


Tom said...

One of the most challenging things he said in my mind was something in the beginning. Something about a leaders complete confidence in the ability of the people he is leading to achieve his vision.

dan horwedel said...

Yeah... I caught that the second time through.