Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The church work day

We had a church work day this past Saturday (May 14). I wasn't thrilled that it was on my wedding anniversary, and a day that we had a TON of other stuff to do, but I was glad that the building and grounds team took full responsibility for the day... so I was ok with it.

At any rate, it was supposed to rain, and it looked like rain, but it never really did rain until much later in the day. And we had a pretty small group show up. I don't know if that had to do with the weather or not, but it wasn't all bad either, because sometimes smaller groups can accomplish more than larger groups.

So, I arrived just after 8 and Scott, Meredith and Tim were already there. Shortly after I showed up Jim, Les, Mary, Greg, and Robin also arrived. I think we got done with most everything we wanted to do that day by 12:30. We needed to leave because there was a baby shower at the church after lunch. Most of us went to EOC for pizza for lunch.

The things we got done that day were:
  • Removed the gravel from the pavilion to the grill and filled it with dirt and grass seed.
  • Put the siding back on the front side of the church.
  • Took the cross off above the entry door, removed the neon lighting behind it, and attached the cross directly to the wall. (This was one of the main things I hoped we'd get done, because for years the birds have been trying to build nests on the neon light, so every morning when I get to work the first thing I have to do was clean up the mess right in front of the entryway doors, as well as clean the bird poop off the wall above the doors every now and then. I was very happy about this).
  • Put mulch around the new trees.
  • Sprayed and pulled weeds.
  • Painted the legs on the merry-go-round, and greased it.
  • Fixed the eve over the northeast side.
  • Put the shingles back on the restroom edition.
  • Tightened and checked all the bolts on the playground.
  • Cleaned the walls in the main hallway.
  • Put the window air conditioners in the Sunday School rooms.
There was probably some other stuff that I'm not aware of, and there was more that we wanted to do but didn't either because of the threat of rain or lack of time. We didn't seal the picnic tables, fix the broken window, or clean the windows. And I suppose there are some more things that will need to be done later too. It was still a good day. Everyone was in a relatively good mood and we had a pretty good time. Of course, as we were getting done, and the people doing the baby shower arrived, one of the people gets out of their car and before they even said "hi" they pointed out something that we didn't do. Gotta love those people who overlook everything that was done, only to point out your shortcomings. All in a days work.

Peace out; and in.

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