Friday, June 17, 2011


I got my hair cut yesterday. Went to the usual place, and I had Amber. I know I've had her before, but can't remember if it was the last time or not. I just needed it cleaned up around the edges and a slight trim. She did ok.

It was the first time I had been there since they changed the inside. The last time I was there they were just talking about it. It looked nice, and Amber said she liked it much better. It is more "open." It was also the first time since I switched phone numbers.

Amber graduated from Northside H.S. in 2005. Her mom wanted her to go to Norwell for her Junior and Senior years, but she didn't because she thought it would have been too weird to change then. I can vouch for that (or Carrie can). She wasn't overly talkative, but we had a nice chat. I like how she kind of dusts my whole head with powder at the end. It smells good.

It was $11, and I gave her $13. They never seem to complain about that, but none of them ever seem overly happy with a $2 tip either. Maybe I am under-tipping. I dunno.

It was raining.

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