Thursday, June 09, 2011

Mowing (and a new blade)

I mowed at the church this afternoon, and at home tonight.

At the church I mowed north and south. It was dry. And the farmer in the field next to me was spraying, and of course the wind was blowing it right at me. I don't feel so good tonight. Not sure if it's from that or not. Also, the one guide wheel on the deck fell off. There is just a cotter pin that broke off, so I need to remember to get a new one and put the wheel back on. It worked fine without it.

I have been mowing high at home (not that I'm getting high and mowing, but mowing the grass high). It's been cutting kind of funny, so tonight when I got done I checked the blade on the ol' push mower. Sure enough, it is dull as a doorknob. You can't tell a difference between the part that's supposed to cut and the rest of the blade. I don't even remember the last time it was replaced, or even sharpened for that matter. So I got a new blade at Walmart tonight. It was $14. That should help a lot. Of course, the poor mower is looking a little road-weary in other respects. It has several holes developing in the deck, and the tires are starting to fall apart. It still starts on the first pull every time though. Not bad for a mower that is close to 30 years old.

Tomorrow I hope to put the new blade on, and if it's not raining maybe rake up the little helicopter things in the front yard. I also want to trim the bushes on the east side of the house sometime. I hate those kind of bushes. Mostly because I hate trimming them.

That's all.

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