Friday, June 24, 2011

My 30th reunion

Tonight is the start of my 30-year high school reunion celebration. I have no idea why it is a multi-day event, because we can never get people to come to any of our reunions... but it is. Tonight we meet at a bar, then tomorrow there is golfing and stuff (which I doubt I will participate in), and tomorrow night is the big dinner and dance. We didn't get enough people to sign up for the dinner/dance, so we ended up inviting anyone who went to our high school to come on out. It was a small high school - I think there were less than 200 people in all four grades when I was there - so there still won't be too many there (I doubt).

Anyway... what bothers me is just how vain I am. I mean, I am nervously trying to figure out what to wear tonight. I can't decide on a plain t-shirt, or one with writing on it. I was hoping to have lost some of my gut, and added some muscle, and grew some hair back where it used to be, instead of where it has moved to, and... well... anyway... I don't know why I am even worried about it. It's not like it matters, and I doubt that anyone will care.

So why am I so nervous? I mean, there will maybe only be about 10 people from my class there. And I doubt that any of the people I really hung around with will even be there. And I'm sure the people who are there won't really want to talk to me about anything, especially the ones that know that I am a dreaded "pastor" and all. I mean, who wants to talk to a pastor, especially at a bar? So... I just need to relax and not worry about it. Maybe I should skip a shower and not shave again today (like yesterday). I dunno.

It feels weird that I have been out of high school for 30 years. In an odd way, my life is probably not all that far off from what I hoped it would be at the time I graduated - even though if you'd have told me that then, I would have told you you were crazy.

Well, there is probably more I should write about this, but... I'm on vacation, and it's hard to keep a thought going while at my parents house. So... I guess tonight I will go to the first get-together for our 30-year reunion. Oh joy. I hope to be joyful; and humble; and glad to see everyone; and interested in other people's lives. I really do. I want to be. I just need to get over this nervousness. Come, Lord Jesus.

Peace out; and in.

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