Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cars serviced

I took the vehicles in to get them serviced yesterday. The Ford Focus just needed an oil change and the tires rotated. You're supposed to rotate the tires every other oil change (every 8-10,000 miles), and this was that time.

I still have the Ranger, and I wanted to change the oil in it before returning it to son Isaac. It was a little overdue. I got that done, but also found that it needs some additional work as well. I thought it was sitting a little crooked. Sure enough, the rear leaf spring hangers have rusted away from the frame. So I set up an appointment to have those fixed next Monday. That means I won't be trading vehicles this week, but will likely do it next week.

I'm just glad we have a good mechanic that we trust with our vehicles. They are super, super people and I would recommend them to anyone in Fort Wayne.

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