Friday, July 22, 2011


I got a haircut yesterday. I didn't really 'need' one, but I wanted to look my best while leading the singing at Jim's ordination this Sunday. :)

I went to the usual place, and I think this is the first time I've had Maria cut my hair. She was nice. Very quiet and reserved, but she had a bright red streak running through her deep black hair. She also spoke with a thick Latino accent (is that how I say that?). She never did ask me what I did for work (might be a first), but we did have a nice chat about the weather, the Three Rivers Festival, her kids, and the building next door. She said she has heard they might move the Verizon store from across the street in there, along with a sandwich shop and a dry cleaner. She also allowed me some quiet time to just sit with my eyes closed while she clipped away. There is something very relaxing about getting a haircut. Anyway, I really liked how she cut my hair too. Even though they were really busy, and there were only two workers there at the time, she probably spent more time on my hair than anyone else ever has. It was a very good hair cutting experience yesterday.


Joan B. said...

Sometimes when I get my hair cut I'd like to just wear a sign that says "I don't feel much like talking." Sounds like you had a great experience. Win.

dan horwedel said...

I've often wondered what would happen if I just said, "Sorry, but you don't need to talk to me. I'd kinda like to just sit here." I would be afraid of getting a botched haircut.

Not that I don't sometimes want to talk. But sometimes it is nice to just sit and relax. But then I would probably fall asleep, so...