Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happenings and stuff

I've been on vacation this past week. I didn't do anything. Pretty much just stayed home and tried to organize the garage and lounged about. I've also not been in much of a mood to blog, for various reasons. These are some things that I did this week...
  • I used my last 'Sunday Sabbatical' from my current contract period (which ends tomorrow) last week. We went to church in Fort Wayne at one of those places that meets at a school. They have signs all over town, and are a very "attractional" church. It was ok - they did everything very well - maybe a little too well... and I didn't really feel much of a connection at all. I suppose if I were looking for a church I would need to attend a few more times to get a proper feel. But I'm not. The worst part was trying to make everyone wear name tags (what is up with this??), and having video announcements at the end (this was the dumbest thing I've ever seen). I did like their worship space though.
  • The reason I took a SS was because Jane and I led the singing for our friend Jim's ordination service last Sunday afternoon. I thought we were spending Saturday night in Findlay, but I forgot we had a wedding, and I didn't realize the ordination wasn't until 4:30. Anyway, it was a nice trip to Ohio, and I thought it was a very nice ordination service. The guy who gave the message used the exact same one that had been used at my ordination service like 11 years ago. Ha! I was nervous as heck though. This was probably the biggest place I've ever led singing in. My fingers and voice didn't want to work, but we survived.
  • I put up some shelves in the garage, and installed a shop light. I also emptied all the boxes of garage stuff from when we moved and put the stuff in them where it belongs. I also scored a used wall cabinet at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I didn't get near as much done as I wanted to though. The week kind of just flew by.
  • Tuesday I had my last MLI cohort meeting in Anderson. We were all there except one.
  • I also took the truck back to Isaac on Tuesday. I actually hated to give it up. I'd kind of grown attached to it - especially now that it runs and drives nicer than it has in a long time. It still doesn't have air conditioning though. So, now we are back to a 2-car family (and two silver/gray cars at that). I like the Buick ok, I just can't haul stuff in the back like the truck.
  • I finally got the rain barrel situated too... Something I've been meaning to do for a couple years. I have a separate post about that coming up.
  • I bought two cd's. Both Bob Dylan. 'Time Out of Mind' and 'Slow Train Coming.' My ancient little ipod said it was full so I had to delete some music before I could load it.
  • Other than that... nothing much. I am in another one of my funks. Nothing much to say, and what I want to say, you don't want to hear. Just one of those things.
  • We had a nice time with some friends last night. I learned a lot, and pretty much just sat around and chatted.
  • I hardly even watch tv anymore.
  • I could really care less that the NFL has settled. It just seems so petty what with everything else going on in the world. But, I know, I guess I'm just like that. Whatever.

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Jim said...

Welcome back. I was getting worried. :)