Friday, July 08, 2011

Random fried-eh

I bought the sheet music to two songs this week, hoping our church band can maybe learn them (someday): "How He Loves" and "Only You." Both by the David Crowder Band (actually, 'How He Loves' was written by John Mark McMillen - more about this later). I wish we just had a band like that so I didn't have to do this anymore.

They say that good musicians attract other musicians (in church work). So... I suppose the fact that we are not attracting other musicians is an indication of something.

I am really homesick right now. I know it will go away, but...

Just because someone asks a question doesn't mean they want an answer.

I've been eating cereal for lunch again. Frosted Flakes. I know they're not good for me, but they taste good; and I'm in one of those moods. They remind me of my childhood. The good part.

I have amassed way too many books to read again.

It's probably not good that I think about Thursday morning breakfast all week. I go out to eat for breakfast with a couple of other guys almost every Thursday. The food probably shouldn't be the focal point.

The worst thing about my current job situation is the loneliness.

I get frustrated by people who think church is strictly a Sunday to Sunday thing. No wonder we never get anything done.

I always feel weird when people find out I'm a pastor and they say something like, "Oh, that must be nice to do something so fulfilling." I heard this from a few people at my class reunion. The weird thing is... I don't feel fulfilled AT ALL. In fact, I know very few people who work in full-time ministry positions who feel like what they do really makes a difference. Maybe I just know the wrong people.

Plagiarism really bothers me anymore. Especially on Facebook statuses. Especially by people who I think should know better. Can they not at least use quotation marks?



Jim said...

John Mark McMillen is AWESOME. I find most "contemporary" Christian music unfulfilling (bluegrass gospel, on the other hand, is great), but JMM is the real deal, and I love listening to him.

Glad to know you know who he is.

dan horwedel said...