Monday, August 08, 2011

Almost cut my hair

Wasn't that a Buffalo Springfield song? Or was it CSN&Y? At any rate, I've been thinking about buzzing my hair off. I mean, like... shaving it... or as least buzzing it down to the surface. Every time I see the backside of my head, and the growing bald spot, I just want to buzz it off. Plus it would be easier to wear hats. Because then I could wear a hat, but I would be free to take it off if I needed to (like when I went into the bank, or to visit an old person that doesn't think you should wear hats indoors). Now, if I wear a hat, I can't really take it off, because I get serious hat-head.

So... that's what I'm thinking of doing. Jane doesn't want me to, but... you know. It's not her head. I suppose I would look stupid though. Maybe I should start combing my eyebrows up over my head...

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