Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Carrie bit by dog

Daughter Carrie was bit by a pitbull yesterday. She and Drew were walking Anna in their neighborhood (where she won't walk alone, because there are so many stupid pitbulls) and a lady was walking 2 of them - one on a leash, and one not. The first one bit Carrie on the hand, and then the lady lets go of the leash and it came after Carrie. Drew tackled it and scraped his knees. That was the end of the incident. Fortunately Anna was not involved. They reported it to Animal Control, however they could never locate the owner of the dogs.

I really see no good reason why anyone should own a pitbull. I'm sure there are some that are very nice, but in general they are meant for only one thing, and it's not good.

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