Monday, August 22, 2011

Doctor visit (redi-med)

I had to go to the doctor on Saturday. I didn't go to my regular doctor, but went to the SW Redi-Med. I have not been feeling well for awhile... kind of a lingering cough, tired, a bit of chest congestion, clammy, stuff like that. I figured I may have had some kind of upper respiratory infection or something, and was hoping it wasn't pneumonia - because on Friday night I woke up and could hardly breathe it hurt so bad. At any rate, I left the office just after our crew who were delivering items to the homeless left. I got to Redi-Med around 11 am. I filled out my paperwork, then sat and waited with a bunch of other sick (and some were just plain loud and obnoxious) people. I finally got called back a little after noon. The ex-ray tech took all my info. My blood pressure was high - 140/101, but I didn't have a temperature (though I was taking ibuprofen). Finally the nurse practitioner came in. Not to be sexist, but... holy cow... she was the nicest looking doctor I've ever seen. I didn't really care at the moment though. Anyway, she checked me over, and she had them check my oxygen and get a chest x-ray. I think she thought it was maybe pneumonia (which is what I was worried it was, and may explain my blood pressure). Anyway, my oxygen was 99% and the x-ray turned out ok, so she just considered it bronchitis, even though it doesn't feel like bronchitis. She said she would just prescribe me an antibiotic that would cover the whole general chest area. So that sounds to me like I probably have some type of upper respiratory infection. Well, then I had to go back in the waiting room and wait some more. The waiting room was even fuller at that point. Finally at about 12:45 they gave me my papers and I left.

When I went to the pharmacy to fill my prescription they first told me it was going to be $74, so I had them check the insurance stuff. It ended up only being $10. But the pharmacist said that the antibiotic was a very strong one, and that I needed to be sure to take it with a full meal, and to drink a full glass of water with it. They are giant orange pills, and I am to take 2 of them a day, but at the same time, for 10 days. She said they will likely cause stomach upset, so that's why I need to eat. So far the stomach upset has been experienced, but it's better today than it was the first day. I can't say that I feel much better yet though. The doctor said if I wasn't better in 5 days that I need to return or go see my regular doctor. Ugh.

I was a little nervous about church on Sunday morning, because I was leading singing and preaching both (as usual), but Jane wasn't going to be there. The adrenaline was working fine though, and I survived alright. I was plenty tired afterward though, and pretty much just vegged all afternoon.

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