Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog break

So... I guess I'm blogging again. Actually, I never really stopped, but I quit publishing posts on August 5... until today, September 23. That is definitely my longest silent period since I began this blog in October of 2005. That's a long time (for me). You'd think I would be better by now... Instead of worse.

At any rate, so, today I unleashed all my unpublished posts (most of them anyway). Some of them may be a bit rough, because I was never sure if I was going to publish them or not. I thought about starting a new blog, just not blogging at all, and all sorts of other things. In the end I guess I just decided nothing really mattered. So... please don't be offended, but this has nothing at all to do with you. It's my blog and I'll do what I want. That's why there will be no comments (at least for the time being). This is a personal blog, for my personal use. Sure, anybody can read it, I guess. I'm not sure why anybody would want to. But the community interaction phase is over. I suppose for my own self-preservation more than anything.

Anyway... if you're a reader... don't expect much. Or anything. Sorry.