Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dr. visit and cardio scan

I had a regularly scheduled doctor visit yesterday... to read the results of my last blood test and check on my blood pressure. The blood test was for my sugar, triglycerides, liver, kidney's and other stuff like that. The sugar was 111, which was listed as over the limit, but the doctor said it wasn't that much over and it was fine with him. My triglycerides were also high at 282 (should be under 150), but again the doctor said it was fine because everything else looked good. My weight was 170 - which is higher than I would like, but I haven't been running for awhile.

Side note: For once I didn't have to wait very long. And they got new carpet and painted the walls. It looked nice, and was a nice visit.

I actually stopped at Walmart and checked my blood pressure before going to the doctor - just to compare. It was pretty high at the Southtown Walmart: 148/87 and 143/87. It has been high the last few times I've checked it, actually. But when the nurse took it in the doctors office it was only 110/78. I told the doctor and he just smiled and said it was fine. So then I told him about the pain on the left side of my chest, and my left arm and shoulder... He asked me some questions, and said he didn't think it was at all cardio (heart) related. My left side hurts AFTER I run (not when I run), so he said that was probably a musculo/skeletal issue. He said just to take Alleve or something. As for the pain in my arm/shoulder when I get stressed, he said something about that's likely just where my stress shows itself. Like some people get headaches when they get stressed, he said I just likely get affected there. I dunno... I guess he knows what he's talking about. But I still scheduled a cardio scan (I had already scheduled the scan, it just happened to be on the same day).

In the afternoon I went to Lutheran Hospital and had them do a Cardio Scan. It is supposed to check the walls of my arteries and such to see how bad they are. It's sort of a pre-screening to see if there is any heart damage or if conditions are present for potential problems. Jane had one done awhile ago, and since they're only $50 I thought it would be a good idea for me too. The doctor was glad I did it too.

I was scheduled for 1:45, and was supposed to arrive at 1:30. I was there at 1:30, but they were pretty busy so I didn't get in right away. I had to sit for awhile in the hallway amongst some people on carts. That wasn't much fun. Once I went in for the test it didn't take long. However, it was only supposed to take 5 minutes, and it took longer than that because the thing wasn't working right. At least it was painless. I just lay on a table with my arms over my head and took some deep breaths. They did have to attach some leads to my chest. The only bad part was peeling them off my hairy chest when they were done. I should get the results in a week or two.

Just for kicks I stopped at the Jefferson Walmart and checked my blood pressure after the cardio scan. It was 126/69 and 116/67. Hmm... Go figure.