Monday, September 12, 2011

Taking the church deposit to the bank

Today was the first day I took the Sunday offerings to the bank. We just started having someone else count the money and record people's giving. It used to be just one person handled all the money - coming in and going out - and we wanted to split those duties up. It wasn't because we'd had any problems, but we wanted to avoid any problems arising, and just avoid the appearance or possibility of anything ever happening in the future. So we now have the treasurer pretty much just act as the bookkeeper and pay all the bills, and there are two different people who count the money and record people's giving right after church. Then I will take the deposits to the bank on Monday mornings. This way the money never has to leave the church, and it will be deposited in a timely manner each and every week. Plus it will give me a reason to get out of the office on Monday mornings and actually mingle with some real people. I'm also glad that we don't do our business at the bank that Jane works at - just keeps things simpler that way.

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