Friday, November 04, 2011

My 49th birthday

Wednesday was my 49th birthday. I could probably just stop with that.

For some odd reason my birthday didn't even phase me this year. I wasn't thinking about it beforehand, and haven't really thought about it since then either. Perhaps it's an indication of just how boring and mundane my life is in general right now. This was probably THE most boring and uneventful birthday I have ever had. Just sayin'. It was no fun.

I decided to take a vacation day... because I could. So I raked some leaves, drove around some, and didn't do much else. When Jane got home from work we went to Applebees for supper. Then we went to the Bryan Adams "bare bones" concert at the Embassy Theater. The church bought us tickets for pastor appreciation. It was very nice of them, and a nice time; but I'd forgotten that he basically just wrote silly love songs, so it was kind of the equivalent of seeing a "chick flick." We did have nice seats though. Although, that's probably the least crowded I have ever seen the Embassy for a show. Probably why he cut it short. We were told he would play from 8-10:30, and he stopped at 10. It was just him on acoustic guitar, and most of the time a piano player.

As for gifts... Carrie made me some incredibly good cookies, and Jane got me a thing of chocolate candies. A few weeks ago I snagged a cordless leaf blower that was on sale for $59 (my gift to myself). I did get a TON of birthday wishes on Facebook. That was probably the highlight of the day for me (I am a "words" person).

I was going to share some things I had learned after 49 years, but... to be honest... I think I'm starting to un-learn. I think I know less now than I ever have. Though I think it's more just a phase. I don't know that I'm really depressed... Mostly just bored.

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Jim said...

You say "un-learn" as if it's a bad thing. I think it may be good, and for me, too. I am trying to un-learn a lot.

Enjoy the last year you're on the other side of the great "Five-Oh" divide from me, you young whippersnapper! :)