Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bank branch party

We had a party at our house last night for all the people that work at Jane's office. And everyone showed up! In fact, some people didn't do other things just so they could be there. It went very well, and we had a good time.

I think there were twelve of us, and we happened to be babysitting Anna because it was Drew's birthday and Carrie took him out to celebrate. Anna was a little sleepy, but she was good. She just didn't want anyone other than grandma or grandpa to hold her (much to the disappointment of some of our guests). Fortunately Jane had the day off so she was able to get everything ready before Anna arrived a little after 4.

We set up the big dining room table and had potato soup, chili, and casa salad to eat. We also had a cheese tray, some veggies and dip, nuts, and cookies and such. Then we had ice cream for dessert - which Anna really liked (but don't tell her mom and dad).

Everyone arrived around 6:30, and I think it was about 8:45-9 when the last one left. The only thing I would suggest we do different is to buy paper bowls and plastic silverware, or at least get out the regular bowls - so for those who wanted to eat both kinds of soup they didn't have to use the same bowl. Otherwise, since we borrowed Drew Carrie's card table and chairs, it worked out just about right. A nice time. And it was just what I needed after Sunday.

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