Friday, December 09, 2011

Christmas open house

We had an open house for the people in our church this week. We spread it over three days - Monday afternoon from 1-3 (for those who don't drive at night), and Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8. We used to do this every year, but eventually stopped due to lack of interest. In fact, I didn't really want to do it this year. I envisioned us spending loads of money on food, going to great lengths to clean the house, and then having no one show up. You know, that's all I need is to give people another opportunity to show how much they don't like me. But Jane insisted... so we did it.

It actually went way better than I anticipated. We had a good crowd Monday afternoon (half the total attendance came on that day), and again last night. Wednesday night there were only 5 people (plus Carrie & Anna), but even that wasn't bad. So I was pleasantly surprised, and am really glad we did it. We had some really nice visits and I think it went well. I think we should probably get in the habit of doing this every year again, only we could probably just have one afternoon and one evening.

Last night was a little on the hectic side though. I had to pick Jane up after a doctors appointment, as she wasn't feeling well and couldn't drive home; we babysit Anna on Thursday nights and last night Carrie dropped her off at 5; then no one showed up until 6:30, so I didn't think we were going to have any guests last night. But... then it was like everyone showed up all at once, and then more came, and people stayed until after 8. Plus Anna was being quite the little socialite (she is just the cutest thing)... so it turned out to be a nice time after all.

We served coffee and that red ginger ale stuff; Jane made little meatballs and some kind of bread, we had a cheese & cracker tray, we bought some cheesecake bites and creme puffs and mixed nuts, and Carrie made some of her scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. That seemed to be plenty.

Now we would like to have a party for the people who work with Jane (just the one's from her branch); a party for some of our neighbors; and an additional group of friends we hang with from time to time. But, you know me, even after the success of this open house I'm still worried no one will show up. You can make fun of me all you want, but that stuff really bothers me. I suppose I should just bask in the glow of the parties this week for awhile though. It really did do me good to know that not everyone at my church hates me.

Peace out; and in.

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