Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dr. visit

I went to the doctor yesterday for a routine visit. I also had him read my Cardio Scan report that I had done on 9/28/11. Oddly enough, my appointment was at 9 am, and I was done and out of there by 9:15 am! In fact, I was the only one in the whole place that didn't work there. That's the first time that's ever happened. Maybe they read my blog.

Anyway, my weight was up a bit - 173 lbs. - though that's not bad considering it's right after the holidays. My blood pressure was 134/80, so that wasn't bad either. I expected it to be higher because I've been under so much stress lately. In fact, I considered canceling last night because I briefly thought I was having a nervous breakdown and thought I might end up in the hospital. So I was glad the bp was that low.

He said the Cardio Scan was fine. It showed a 'mild' buildup in my arterial walls, but he said that was normal for a person my age. And since I don't really have any other warnings signs (bp is under control, cholesterol, weight, don't smoke, etc.) that it was good. He said I might want to consider having another one done in 5 years or so just for kicks.

He also said I still might want to consider getting Omega-3 over-the-counter for my triglycerides. Although he said he isn't concerned until triglycerides get to about 400, some people like them under 250. And the next time I have blood work done (September) he wants me to get a new sugar test done. It's called something like an "A1-3" or something. It checks my sugar over a 3-month period, rather than just right at the moment. My sugar has been borderline the last two tests.

Other than that, I got a new prescription for my nasal spray (and I think it will come in a generic this time). I also had a new insurance card (and new insurance company). So I guess I'm going to live a little while longer. This was actually a pretty nice visit and it made me feel a lot better about things - especially after the night I had the night before. I scheduled another appointment for April 4th at 9 am.

Peace out; and in.

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