Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New glasses

I picked up my new eyeglasses yesterday. Wow... My eyes have still not adjusted. [the other post about the new glasses]

I like the looks of them ok. They are a little bigger than my last pair. The eye doctor suggested I needed bigger lenses to help the bifocals work better. I liked the smallness of the last pair, but I did think I tended to squint more because the lens area was so small. So I like that these have a little bigger lens area, and I also like the frames. They're kind of a copper color, and a little shiny. Maybe a little too mod for me, but... whatever. They are also made from 95% recycled material. Not why I bought them, but I'm not complaining.

Anyway, I picked them up after a long day of reading at the office. As soon as I put them on I knew they were going to take some getting used to. The "reading" part was much stronger than on my first pair of bifocals. Just turning my head kind of set everything off into a spin. After a few adjustments I walked out and did a little shopping. Boy was that weird. Like I said, turning my head made things kind of spin, and I couldn't just move my eyes... I needed to move my whole head to change my line of sight. However, I did notice that once I positioned my head correctly, I could actually read things again. But I did have to stop back at the vision center before I left the store to have them adjusted again. I may need to stop in again sometime, because they still don't feel just right, but at least they're not too tight anymore.

I am hoping that maybe tomorrow they'll start to feel normal. I just feel so awkward. It's like my head is discombobulated or something. It's taking me awhile to get used to how to hold my head to look at things. It almost feels like the short-sighted part at the bottom comes up too high or something too, but I don't know. So I've basically had a headache since I got them. And my eyes feel tired and strained. Plus I kinda just have that feeling like before you get the flu - when everything starts to close in on you... I don't like it, but I know I need to deal with it for just a day or two and then my eyes should adjust. At least I hope so.

I did put my old glasses on for a bit while I was reading this morning - thinking I would just give my eyes a bit of a break. But already they seem so much worse than the new glasses. I don't know how I could even read with the old ones. Of course, so now I have 2 pair of glasses - both of which hurt my eyes. I'm hoping one of them will begin to work soon, and aren't ruining my eyes for good. Ugh. That's the bad thing about getting new glasses. But such is life.

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