Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Problems with the new eyeglasses

A week ago Monday I picked up my new eyeglasses and wrote here about how it was going to take some getting used to them. Yesterday I took them back because it just wasn't happening. In fact, they were making me sick. I finally had to just go back to my old glasses on Sunday morning. Not only were they making me sick, but I couldn't read music or my sermon with them on.

So they are going to check them out and talk to the eye doctor and see what we need to do. I don't know if my new prescription is wrong, if the glasses were made wrong, or... something I wondered last night: I don't know if there is a difference between "no-line" bifocals and "progressive lens" bifocals. I wonder if my old pair of bifocals are "no-line", and these new ones are "progressive." I think that might be part of the problem, because I can't see out of the sides of the new ones; plus the reading part comes up too high; plus I just can't see well out of them. I can see fine if I stop and have time to focus, but I can't just glance at something and see it. And when I turn my head it's like everything is moving and blurry. So if they don't redo the lenses then I'm just going to have to return the glasses and start over.

I did have 60 days to return them (as long as I have a receipt), and can either get new lenses or just get my money back either one. I hope to get the lenses fixed, because I did like them, but we will see. The girl I talked to last night was very nice and helpful about everything. I was glad about that. Hopefully I'll find out more today.

I found a few helpful articles online, however, there seems to be some disagreement as to whether or not there is a difference between progressive lenses and no-line bifocals.
  • This article says progressives and no-line are the same thing. It also gives much more detail as to why people might have problems with progressives and what to do.
  • This article and this article both state that there is a difference between progressive lenses and no-line bifocals/trifocals. So, who knows.

ADDED ON 2/15/12:
I went back today to see what the consensus was on my new glasses. They told me they checked out ok, so they wanted me to have the eye doctor recheck my prescription. So I go back Monday morning at 8:30 for a recheck. They kept my glasses.

ADDED ON 2/20/12:
Went in for a re-check with Dr. Robinson. He said it was obvious that my new glasses were set too high. He did another exam and also said the reading part of my glasses was too strong. He said it made a big difference too that I needed to read at arms length rather than up close. So he said he backed off my reading prescription and they lowered my "eye point" on my glasses from 19 to 16 (whatever that meant). He said this was common and not a big deal. We also talked a bit about his dad and his recent trip to Costa Rica to hand out eyeglasses and check people's eyes with a team of doctors. I was there for 30 minutes. Hopefully the new lenses should be here by weeks end. We will see.

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