Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Elbow problem

I seem to have hurt my right elbow. It first started hurting last Friday (3/2) after trimming some branches with one of those extendable tree trimmers. You pull a rope with one arm and lop off the branches. I suppose doing that repeatedly put a strain on my tendons or ligaments or something in my elbow. It hurt a little, but not too bad, and eventually I didn't really notice it much. But then I went at some more branches again yesterday... and last night and this morning I have been in somewhat excruciating pain. I can barely use my right arm, and it pretty much hurts even just sitting there. Last night it was at the point where I had a stomach ache, it hurt so bad. It's not swollen at all, and Aleve helps a little. I also started using Biofreeze on it. I'm sure it's just tendons or ligaments, and that it will eventually go away (I hope). But, man... I haven't had anything this painful in quite some time.

This morning I found an old elbow wrap and put that on. It helps when I'm not doing anything. I suppose I should probably ice it down now and then too. Fortunately I can do many (or most) things with my left hand. But it makes even the simplest of things - like using the computer, combing my hair, etc. just pretty darn difficult. I'm sure it will feel better tomorrow, or even later today. Although I'm still not done trimming branches. May have to find a different way to do it.

Such is life when approaching 50, I suppose.

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