Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New video projector

I almost forgot to blog this... We got a new video projector at church. I bought an Epson EX5210 at Office Depot - last Wednesday, April 18, 2012. It cost $499.99, plus I got the $79.99 2-year service plan. So altogether it was $579.99.

It works pretty good. It is 2800 lumens, and this one has the keystone correction (which the old one didn't), so it's nice that it's actually a square/rectangular picture - instead of some sort of trapazoid looking image. The only problem I had setting it up was that I had to move it slightly closer to the screen to fit into our 70"x70" screen, plus it doesn't have an external audio port like the old one - so I had to run sound directly from the computer and dvd player instead of just running it all through the projector. It is much smaller than the old one too.

The old one served us well for 11 years. Bought it in September of 2001. It was a Sony and I believe it was something like 1100 lumens. We got it on close-out, and with all the other hardware it was just under $5,000. I think the actual projector was listed at $3000 - but, then again, it was on closeout. It was a much more expensive projector than that (I can't remember now what retail was - maybe $6,000).

I may check on getting this one mounted from the ceiling. The old one couldn't be mounted because of the ceiling fans, but since this one can be moved closer to the screen it should be no problem. It would be nice to have it out of the way.

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