Friday, April 20, 2012

Planted grass seed

I planted some grass seed in the back yard today - back where the pine trees used to be. I used one 7-lb bag of Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed (Professional Seed Mix). I bought it at Walmart. I spread it by hand, and it would have covered much better if I'd had an actual spreader. It should be fine though.

First I tilled up the ground just with our little hand tiller thingy. Then I spread the seed, and then raked it into the loose soil. I watered it with a hose right after I put it down, and then it rained on it that evening.

They suggest putting down some Scotts Turf Builder Starter Fertilizer, but they say you should use a spreader. So... I didn't do that. I may look into spreaders this week though, as I am thinking of fertilizing the rest of the lawn too. I was going to just pay someone to do it, but no bigger than our yard is, it would be way cheaper to do it myself. We'll see.

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