Friday, April 06, 2012

Tincaps opening night

Jane and I attended our first season opener for the Fort Wayne Tincaps baseball team last night. We have been to quite a few "sold out" games, but this seemed by far to be the most people we had ever seen at a game (found out later it did, in fact, set a new attendance record of 8,577). It was a bit insane trying to walk around the place. Of course, we just had "standing-room-only" tickets (still $5), so we had to walk around the entire time. Plus it helped keep us warm. It was a bit nippy. I wore a long undewear shirt, a hoody, and my winter coat and gloves. All in all it was a nice time though. I had one Guinness, and we were going to get coffee later on but the line/wait was too long, so that was all we bought while there. I guess Jane did finally get a Tincaps shirt also. Strangely enough, we only saw 2 people we knew last night too. I expected to see quite a few given how many people were there. We did see a city police officer and several local news celebrities too.

One thing that occurred to me while walking the concourse... I think I actually LIKE being in crowds. I feel at ease and happy just being able to walk around or mingle - when there's nothing really expected of me except to just 'be there'.

So... there ya go. Our first season opener, and probably the first of many Tincaps games again this year.

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