Saturday, May 19, 2012

New tennis shoes (not running)

I bought this nifty pair of shoes yesterday. They are Adidas Neo Clemente II Athletic Shoes. I bought them at Kohl's. they were supposedly on sale, but I see they are cheaper online (I paid $49). I was just pretty impressed that I only tried them on once. Though I tried on a million pairs of shoes yesterday.

I was on a mission because I've needed to get some new "everyday" tennis shoes. My old ones are getting a hole in the toe, and they just look kind of ratty. I didn't know whether to get a new pair of running shoes and just convert my old running shoes to everyday, or to try to find some cheaper shoes just for everyday. So I started at the running store. All their shoes are $100-$110, and I just didn't really feel like forking over that kind of cash at the moment - especially when I didn't really need new running shoes. My current ones will be 2 in July. I can possibly get another year out of them. So... I went to the mall and looked at Penney's, Sears, and Footlocker. I tried on several pairs at Penney's - and almost got three different shoes. I tried them all on multiple times, and was there quite a long while. I was mostly trying on running shoes, but they were all in the $40-$50 range. Then I went to the North Kohls, and I saw these shoes right away. They caught my eye right away, but I thought they were a bit too "trendy" looking. I tried them on though, and I liked how they felt. They weren't tight like a running shoe (I like my foot to be able to breathe). I also saw a pair of Fila's that were on sale for $30, and I almost bought them. But I kept coming back to these. I just kind of liked the retro look... and I thought maybe I was due for something a little different. So I thought I would get them and wear them around the house for a bit, but keep the tag on them. When Jane got home she really liked them, so I decided "what the heck" and cut the tag off. Now they're mine. They probably are a little too "young" for me, but... better this than a corvette, I suppose.

I also bought 2 new pairs of jeans yesterday (my 34" pants were too big). I got 32" waist, and still kinda need a belt. I went to Walmart, and was only going to get one pair, but I got some Faded Glory plain jeans for $10, and a pair of Wranglers for $15. So this was a pretty big shopping day for me.

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