Monday, June 25, 2012

Rivergreenway running distances (1/4 marathon)

I have now run from our house and down both sides of the Rivergreenway with my new gps watch. Last week I went from our house and north towards Foster Park. From our house to the baseball diamond gate that leads onto the Foster trail it is 2.69 miles one way (there is a concrete 6.0 marker there). Today I ran from our house to the end of the trail behind Safetytown/Walmart and it is 2.4 miles. I was actually surprised it was that close. I thought it was a lot further to Foster than to Safetytown. So both are about 5 miles round trip.

I actually wanted to run a little further today, so when I got back to Lower Huntington I kept going toward Foster, and I ran to the Airport Expressway bridge (there is a yellow 7.0 there). It was 2.6 miles from behind Safetytown to the yellow 7.0. So when I got back to the house I had actually run a quarter of a marathon (6.5 miles). That's the furthest I have ever run to my knowledge. I did it in 1 hour and 5 minutes.

That's my goal now... I would like to run a half marathon (13 miles). If I could run a half in 2 hours and 15 minutes I would be ecstatic. I actually felt like I could have done it today, but I hadn't had anything to eat yet so I thought I ought to quit while I was ahead. I'm hoping maybe sometime this week or next week I can at least do 10 miles one day. We'll see.

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JAH said...

Impressive. :)