Monday, July 02, 2012

Class reunions

Jane and I each had a high school class reunion this past weekend in Illinois. She was the class of '82 - celebrating their 30th year out of high school. For some reason my class ('81) has just decided to get together on the last weekend of every June. It's odd, because we weren't really a very close class all during school, but there are a few of us that like getting together now. So we did, and do.

It started on Friday night at Red's bar in Sheffield. There weren't too many from Jane's class (Crystal, Carol Joe H. and Wally). My class had a few more: Joe B., Foist D., John V., Dave B., Me, Lisa A., Julie E., Becky (and Matt), and that might have been it. We hung around Red's for awhile, then went to the Brothers Pub when the band started. The Curtis Hawkins Trio was fantastic. We partied there until about closing time.

On Saturday the ladies met up for lunch at the Purple Onion in Annawan. The guys went golfing at Hidden Lake in Sheffield. There was: me, Drew F., Foist, Matt, Dave, John, Carol's husband, and Jeff B. and Wally just did nine holes (the rest of us did 18). When Jeff and Wally left Joe B. was just arriving (he'd had a funeral in the morning). It was a hot day, and it took forever to play the first 9 holes. We started about 10:30 am, and didn't get done until 4:30 pm. So we had just enough time to get home, take a shower, and get back to the club at 6 for supper. I think I had the high score (115). It was fun though. Drew and I played with Foist and Matt.

For supper we ate at the country club. Jane's class was on one side and mine was on the other. It was a nice meal. There were a few extra people there. Steve Olson and his wife, Keith and Shelley, Tara O., and Lee Anne Decker showed up later. There were quite a few from Jane's class too. I think I counted 15 from hers. We sat with Stacy Morgan and her husband, and Nancy and her husband. It was nice.

Around 9 pm we all headed into Brother's again and the old Windjam (the Brothers Pub Blues Band) played for us. There were also quite a few other people there - including 3 of Jane's brothers, Tim and Elizabeth, and Drew and Carrie came over. We had a great time.

All in all it was another nice time. I had a lot of good conversations, and hope we can make it back next summer for another go-round.

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JAH said...

It really was just a very nice time.