Friday, July 27, 2012


I got a haircut yesterday afternoon. Went to the usual place, and was lucky enough to get Marie again. She is my favorite. I like how she cuts it, and she seems to do things that most of the other girls don't (like trim my ears, eyebrows, and things). She did the usual - #6 on the back and sides and scissor cut the top about 1/2 inch. I liked it.

I told her I was planning on just using the #6 on my whole head but that I'd chickened out on my way there. She said it wouldn't be that much shorter on top than it is now. So... maybe next time.

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Jim said...

I have gone down over the years from #8 to #6 to a #4 now. I like how it feels and I also like how it doesn't take any maintenance (I "comb my hair with a towel").