Sunday, July 15, 2012

New running shoes

I bought a new pair of running shoes Friday (July 13, 2012). Interestingly enough, I bought my last pair of running shoes almost 2 years ago exactly (July 23, 2010). And, they are almost exactly alike - except my old pair are red and the new pair are blue. This is a pic of them: The New Balance 880.

I went to the Three Rivers Running Company. I had been looking at some Nike Pegasus shoes. Since I have the Nike+ watch with the thing you can insert in your shoe I thought I'd at least try on a pair of Nike's. I've never owned any before. However, they hadn't had them in my size. Well they called Friday and said they were finally in. I really liked the feel of them, but they didn't seem to have as much support as my old shoes. So the guy got the newer version of the New Balance that I had. When he did he said he found a pair of shoes just like what I currently had in the sale rack. Instead of $100 they were only $70. So... I just put on the New Balance, and for $30 off... I bought them.

I asked about compression socks/sleeves. This salesman was more helpful than the last guy I asked. I was undecided whether to get the socks or the sleeves - though I think I need one or the other. Each has their positives and negatives, but I think the socks are better for after running, and I'm not so concerned about wearing them while I run. So I may splurge for a pair of compression socks sometime soon.

I should also note that Jane just got her first pair of running shoes from Three Rivers on Wednesday night. So we should be set for running shoes for awhile. I hope.

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