Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bourne again

We went and saw the new 'Bourne' movie last night - The Bourne Legacy. We both thought it was pretty good even without Matt Damon (even though we would have preferred he was still in it).

I've never really understood why this series of movies wasn't more popular. For the two of us, it's kind of like the new James Bond. We've liked all of them. But you hardly ever hear people talking about them. Not that it really matters. We like them, and we liked the new one.

I ate way too much popcorn though. Hadn't had movie theater popcorn in a long time. Wish I hadn't had it last night.

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Tom said...

I took pictures in Berlin at Alexander Platz which was in one of the Bourne movies. It is the one with the yellow trains running through it where he makes contact with the girl and gets lost in a protest march, I think. Now I have to watch them all to find that scene again.