Saturday, September 15, 2012

Anna to er and baby turned

Drew Carrie had to take granddaughter Anna to the emergency room early yesterday morning for croup again. She's had a runny nose, and she woke up during the night having a hard time breathing. This is the second or third time they've had to take her in for this. Her Uncle Isaac had the same issues when he was young, but soon grew out of it. Hopefully she will too. I think they took her in something like 3 am.

But... Carrie then had a doctors appointment later on Friday. The last time there they were concerned because the baby was in a breech position. So they did an ultrasound yesterday... and the baby has turned!!!  So all seemed good with that. Although the tech (or doctor) said it was an "active" baby, so it's possible he could turn again. But I suppose that can always happen. At any rate, things are progressing along nicely. Still can't believe we will have our second grandchild in a matter of a few weeks or less! :)

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