Friday, September 07, 2012


So it's Friday... And now it's getting dark and starting to storm.

Friday's are usually my "long" run days. And I ran longer than usual, but only 8 miles today. Jane and I are running in the Ossian 5k tomorrow morning so I didn't want to wear myself out too much. So I just ran down to the Rivergreenway and went around Foster Park and back.

It was an interesting trip today. I thought it was odd that when I got to Winchester Road there were 2 cop cars sitting there with their lights on not letting people go any further along Lower Huntington. I asked the cop if I could get on the trail and he just nodded in the affirmative. So I went down and climbed down the bridge and headed toward Foster. There was another cop car at the bridge. Then when I got to the little parking area there were 2 more cop cars. I just ran on ahead and didn't think much of it, but then I realized I hadn't seen anybody else on the trail. That's weird because this is where I usually see a lot of people. Well, finally when I got to the part that goes around the golf course I saw the normal folk walking, running, and biking along the trail. But then I encountered this youngish girl pushing a stroller with 2 kids. She was running, and I could see from a distance that she was, um, bouncing pretty good. Well she just had a white wifebeater shirt on, and was very obviously braless. She was also sweating pretty good, so everything was very clearly "on display." Interesting. Then about a mile or so later I had this old guy coming at me, and when I approached he put up his fists and got in a stance like he wanted to fight me. He was saying stuff, but I just smiled a half smile and toodled on. Finally I started seeing some of the more "normal" people I usually see. There is always this group of African American guys walking together, and lately they've been talking quite loudly about politics. There are also lots of couples, and people with ear buds in, and young people and old people, and... there are just a lot of interesting people. I would say the vast majority are real nice, and say "hi" and whatnot. There are a few where we exchange more words, and some who don't look up at all. It's interesting.

Anyway, as I said, I did 8 miles. I ate eggbeaters, an english muffin, coffee, and water before I went. After eating I weighed 144.2. I thought I would be heavier because I had two junk food fails this week. One afternoon I ate an entire bag of corn puffs, and last night I ate an entire small bag of chex mix. But it was like 1300 calories. Anyway, after I ran I only dropped to 140.8. But I'll take it. I iced down my knees, had a protein drink and some more water, took a shower, and now I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of this rainy day.

I'm thinking of building a chin-up bar in the laundry room. I've been debating whether to build one or buy one to hang on the door. Building one is cheaper, so I think I'll do that. I'm also trying to watch the money I/we spend.

So... that's my Friday so far.

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Carrie said...

If the guy who acted like he wanted to fight you was quite old and little he was probably joking. Every time I see him he asks if I'll push him in Anna's stroller. When I say I don't know if she would like that he says he could take her and that she should walk while she can. I think he's just a funny old man but you could have encountered someone different. Anyway, always an interesting time.