Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday morning small groups; third sunday supper

This past Sunday we started up our Sunday morning small groups again (otherwise known as Sunday School). We usually take off from June through August, but this summer we were a little more disorganized than usual and didn't get started back until now. We have a new elementary teacher, Carrie started a nursery class, and we lost an adult teacher (so we merged two classes). So I didn't know how things would be on this first Sunday back. I would guess we had maybe 44-45 people there, so that was pretty good. I know Jane's class had 2 new people (20-somethings), and there were quite a few in the elementary class. All in all it was a pretty nice Sunday morning. I hate when people leave the church, but there seems to be a real good vibe going on for the moment (meaning no one seems antagonistic or is creating inner turmoil).

We also had our monthly "Third Sunday Supper" this past week. We had a cookout under the pavilion. We roasted hot dogs and made smores. I think someone said they counted 42 or 44 for this. So that was another good turnout - even though there were several of the "usuals" who didn't show up. We had a great spread of food. Sometimes at these potluck-type things it doesn't work out so well... but this one did. And people stuck around for a long time. Kids and adults both were playing games (bocci ball, kick ball, catch, playing on the playgrounds). It was actually a pretty darn fun night. Maybe one of the better one's we've had. Jane also had us play this game where we had to try to match everyone's middle name with their first name. It was kind of fun too. I found out one person didn't have a middle name, and we have 3 people with the middle name of Diann (all three spelled like that). And, once again, it just seemed like there was a really good vibe.

It is just interesting that we seem to have an influx of new people in the church, and a lot of younger people (and younger people with little kids). But I just can't figure out how to keep people around. For every person we gain it seems we lose 2 people. Which is really frustrating. But... I guess my job is to just keep trusting God, preaching Jesus, and going to work everyday. So I guess I will.

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