Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rt. 66 and other travels

I briefly thought about driving along the old Rt. 66 last summer when I had a week of vacation to burn and nothing else to do. I didn't do it, but someday I think it would be neat. Maybe even alone. I can't imagine doing it though, but... stranger things have happened. Anyway, I happened across this link today: Stories of Rt. 66. I'll keep this in mind.

At the same time, should I ever get really adventurous, I also happened across this one: Scenic Road Trips Around the World. Hmm...

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Jim Lehmer said...

Yup. I love me some two lane blacktop driving, especially out west. Have driven Highway 50 ("the Loneliest Highway in America") across Nevada multiple times. I've done multiple vacations where one rule was "No interstate was used in the production of this vacation."

Have you read William Least Heat-Moon's "Blue Highways?" Or Bill Bryson's "The Lost Continent" or "I'm a Stranger Here Myself?" Good stuff, too.

Now you have me wanting to do a road trip!