Monday, October 01, 2012

Two good days

I had a really good weekend. Still flying from the race on Saturday and spending the day with the kids. We all went out for lunch (Spyro's) and then supper (800 Degrees Three Fires Pizza). Then yesterday (Sunday) we had a really good day too. We had a child dedication service for 6 children during the worship gathering, and there were a TON of visitors there for that. Then we had a lunch afterward in the church basement. I am always bewildered whenever we do something like this, because undoubtedly there are a lot of the regular church people who refuse to show up on these special days, but I guess it was good on this day, because I'm not sure everyone would have fit if they had shown up. And lunch turned out great. We served pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, green beans, and deserts. We didn't run out of anything, but had minimal amounts of everything left over. Just right. The seating was just right too. I think I set up for just under 100.

We also made it one whole week without Carrie having the baby. Having her and Anna living with us while Drew is gone has definitely changed things around our house, and it took a little getting used to having a toddler around again at first, but now it's going to be weird when they leave. Anna is such a sweetie. I am really glad we've had a chance to spend so much time with them.

So... now it's a new week. We have some guests/friends arriving to stay in the Mission House today, a funeral to attend this week (and I don't think I have to "do" it, but I'm being a little bit prepared just in case), a Foundations group meeting this week, and gearing up for the big Fish Fry next week. Lots of stuff to do.

I am also still having problems with my right eye. It just waters constantly, and itches, and burns. I wonder if it might be pink eye. After doing some research online it sounds like "allergic" pink eye. They say it should go away on its own eventually. But I may visit RediMed one of these days if it isn't cleared up pretty soon. It's driving me a bit nuts.

My legs are feeling almost back to normal now, but I am glad I decided beforehand to take this week off from running. I think my body needs a break. It was weird getting up today and not running though. Such is life.

Peace out; and in.

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