Sunday, November 25, 2012

Willard words

This is an excellent little page of word and concept definitions on Dallas Willard's "Resource" page: Willard Words.

A couple of examples:

Disciple: Someone who has decided to be with another person, under appropriate conditions, in order to become capable of doing what that person does or to become what that person is.
- Disciple (apprentice) of Jesus: Anyone who is learning from him how to lead their life as he would lead their life if he were they. 
- Place of discipleship: Where you are
- Discipleship may be loosely described as staying as close to Jesus Christ as possible.

The Three Dimensions of Discipleship. 
1. Obedience to his commands.
2. Doing what he wants in all areas of life not commanded.
3. Learning to act in his power.

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