Monday, December 17, 2012

What ever happened to maurice clarett

I stumbled upon this gem of an article about former college football star running back Maurice Clarett. Interesting piece to say the least. How Maurice Clarett Lost His Way, Bombed Out of the NFL, Planned A Murder, Missed An Exit, and Found Himself (And Warren Buffet) In Prison.

I have never been an Ohio State fan, and I certainly wasn't an MC fan when he played there or after. I am glad to hear that he seems to be getting his life together though.

Some interesting parts in the story were: The classes he took in college (at Ohio State) - golf, fishing, and softball. He says he never really even went to class in high school. And he made more money playing at Ohio State than he does now in the UFL.

Not only is this a good story about Maurice, but I really liked how this came about. It comes from a book by Monte Burke ('4th and Goal: One Man's Quest to Recapture His Dream'). Joe Maglia was a business man who had always wanted to coach football. So he became coach of the Omaha UFL team. During training camp he would have each player stand and tell about themselves. That's where the idea for he book came, and also this story about Clarett.

Good stuff, and I'm happy for Maurice.

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