Sunday, January 27, 2013

Asked to do isaac and ricci's wedding

Son Isaac and Ricci came up yesterday. It was supposed to be for Anna's birthday party, but they weren't able to have it. He had a haircut scheduled anyway, so they came and we went out to lunch with Carrie and the kids. Afterward everyone came to our house, and Isaac and Ricci asked me if I would mind officiating their wedding. :) I had kind of just assumed that they had asked someone else to do it, but I was happy that they hadn't. I feel very honored to have done both my kids' weddings. In fact, I can't imagine there being a much higher honor than that. Happy dad.

Btw, I replaced another post with this one. I wanted to add that Saturday night we went to Jane's bank party at Science Central. It was pretty fun, but perhaps the neatest thing there is the restrooms. They have jet black sinks and toilets. Crazy wild.

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