Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Continuing education 2012

Below is the list of books I read this year and conferences I attended. I started several other books but didn't finish them. The one I liked best was most definitely 'The Pastor' by Eugene Peterson, as well as 'Travels With Charlie' by Steinbeck (even though it didn't have anything to do with continuing education - it was a vacation book). The Breen books were also really good, and... well, really all of them were quite helpful. Though I would probably not recommend When Helping Hurts or The Faith of Leap (actually I would probably not recommend any of them to anyone other than church leaders - other than: Travels With Charlie, Plastic Donuts, and Speaking of Jesus - I would recommend all three of those).

I also noticed that I have been a bit short on the conferences and things lately. I should probably attend more of those but... meh... I just haven't been in the mood or something. Truth be told, I think I probably really need a sabbatical, but I don't see that happening. So... I plug along...

Here is my meager list for 2012:

The King Jesus Gospel, by Scot McKnight
Simply Jesus, by N.T. Wright
Building A Discipling Culture, by Mike Breen & Steve Cockram
Covenant & Kingdom: the DNA of the Bible, by Mike Breen
Travels With Charlie, by John Steinbeck (on vacation)
Speaking of Jesus: the art of not-evangelism, by Carl Medearis
Plastic Donuts: A Fresh Perspective on Gifts by Jeff Anderson
Multiplying Missional Leaders, by Mike Breen
The Faith of Leap, by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch
The Pastor: A Memoir, by Eugene Peterson
When Helping Hurts, by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

Conferences & Seminars:
-         CGGC Credentialing Symposium, Findlay, OH, March 14-15
-         3DM Discipleship & Mission Workshop (Mike Breen), Fort Wayne, March 22-24
-         Launch Conference, Winebrenner Seminary, May 18-19
-         Signed up to be in a weekly Coaching Huddle with 3dm. Started June 5, with Chris Norman
-         Midwest Region Conference Convention, Decatur, IL, June 19-21
-    Start accountability group, November (once a month)

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